The resources in the OTHERS(S) model are Optimism/Hope, True-meaning, Humor, Emotional Intelligence, Resilience, Spirituality, Self-confidence, and OTHERS(S). Each of these resources is likely to act as a buffer to trauma and lead to growth following loss. Additional in-depth information on each resource, key message, and skills can be found in the interactive CD-ROM and workbook Gaining From Loss: Our Journey Continues.

People will typically take one of three paths following a loss. They may have a decrease in their functioning (dive), return to normal levels of functioning (survive), or experience an increase in functioning (thrive). The emphasis of our work, whether it is with an individual or an organization, is on thriving or growing through loss or adversity. However, our team uses a three prong approach to getting acquainted with loss: (a) proactive (preparing for loss before the event happens), (b) active (living with loss as the event happens), and (c) reactive (growing through loss after the event happens).

OTHERS(S) Model Each of the OTHERS(S) resources has a definition, a key message, and a key skill.

The foundational resources help us achieve greater self-awareness, increased emotional and physical well-being, and empower us to leverage our strengths and fuel our efforts to push through our hardships so we can continue on our journey of growth

The core resources concentrate more on our relationships with others, and how we interact and respond to loss and adversity.  In essence, these resources are very visible in our everyday interactions with others. 

Foundational Resources




Core Resources





Emotional Intelligence: