Our Mission

Our Mission is to empower people to grow through loss and adversity and achieve their dreams.

Our team is well aware that in order to achieve Our Mission we need to have a Dream, a Vision, a Philosophy, a Passion, a Plan of Connection and a Team.

Our Dream
A cultural shift will happen and people will wake up every day and ask themselves “What can I do today to HOLD THE DOOR for someone else today and tomorrow?” Reaching out, healing through helping others, and growing through loss will be as commonplace as apple pie and lemonade. Hold The Door For Others will be a household phrase, and a way of life.

Our Vision
To create communities around the globe that possesses the heart, compassion, and strength we felt immediately following September 11th. We are determined to inspire everyday heroes and teach people that staying connected and helping others will help them heal and grow through any loss.

Our Philosophy
We are dedicated to our core belief that people GROW THROUGH LOSS. Our research (visit resources page) on growth following crisis, trauma, and loss has reinforced our beliefs. We value the power of healing through human connections and helping others. We stand by our mission and know that people do not have to just cope or survive following loss, than can thrive despite loss.

The OTHERS(S) model is based on research in the social sciences and personal experiences. Our team has learned some of the key resources that help people live with loss, crisis, trauma, and grow from their experience. We focus on connecting, caring, and challenging before, during, and after a loss by teaching the key messages and skills associated with the model. The OTHERS(S) model is strength-based and focuses on practical skills, empowerment, education, relationships, and growth.

The OTHERS(S) Model

The resources in the OTHERS(S) model are Optimism/Hope, True-meaning, Humor, Emotional Intelligence, Resilience, Spirituality, Self-confidence, and OTHERS(S). Each of these resources is likely to act as a buffer to trauma and lead to growth following loss. Additional in-depth information on each resource, key message, and skills can be found in the interactive CD-ROM and workbook Gaining From Loss: Our Journey Continues..

People will typically take one of three paths following a loss. They may have a decrease in their functioning (dive), return to normal levels of functioning (survive), or experience an increase in functioning (thrive). The emphasis of our work, whether it is with an individual or an organization, is on thriving or growing through loss. However, our team uses a three prong approach to getting acquainted with loss: (a) proactive (preparing for loss before the event happens), (b) active (living with loss as the event happens), and (c) reactive (growing through loss after the event happens).

Our Passion
To empower people to learn the necessary life skills to:

A) Prepare For Loss Before It Happens
B) Live With Loss As It Happens
C) Grow Through Loss After It Happens


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