Our Plan of Connection
Hold The Door Initiatives

Prepare For Loss Before It Happens

· Hold The Door Homerooms is a vision for programs to teach children the importance of helping one another and to enhance social and emotional learning.
· We are developing programs in which we use the arts and/or sports as a metaphor to life to teach life skills. The skills taught will be associated with social and emotional intelligence and resilience.

Live With Loss As It Happens

· Living With Loss: The Journey Through September 11th (Interactive workbook)
· Interactive website: Stories of loss and growth, Resources and information on managing trauma, loss, and crisis, such as the Tsunami
· Doorways Anthology: A collection of stories created by people who have experienced loss. The stories are accompanied by the reflective questions that encourage people to live with loss and write their personal story of growth.

Grow Through Loss After It Happens

· Gaining From Loss: Our Journey Continues (Interactive CD-ROM)
· Annual Hold The Door Day: Anyone who has experienced ANY type of loss is welcome. People connect with one another and learn skills through workshops, which are facilitated by gifted Growth Consultants and Keynote Speakers.
· Healing Through Helping Others: A vision for a program in which people who have lost loved ones are trained to become Growth Consultants. These people will be taught how to prepare for, live with, and grow through loss.
· Action Research: Our team actively researches the most effective ways to help others grow through loss.


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