Hold The Door Day

Information on our 15th Annual Hold The Door Day 2018
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Hold The Door Day is a free event for people learning to grow through loss or adversity (e.g., loss of a loved-one, cancer, divorce, affected by a natural disaster). Through hands-on activities, expert speakers, and professionally designed workshops, you will become more self-aware and learn practical skills to help you prepare for, live with, and grow through loss and adversity.

Our team at Hold the Door is trained to help people be their best when things are at their worst. From helping people navigate the trauma of losing a child, to sudden death, to dealing with adversity, we help people help themselves get strong where they feel weak. For over 15 years our team has been inspiring people to grow and giving them the skills they need to build confidence themselves and heal.

Through presentations and interactive small sessions, our Growth Consultants,  Hold The Door’s licensed and doctoral level professionals , some of whom have been featured in/on The New York Times, CNN, Fox News, and MSNBC teach you how to find your inner strength.

The program activities will include:

There are 2 programs that will run concurrently but be facilitated separately:

Growth Program- is designed for people who have personally experienced loss, adversity, or crisis.
Helper Program- is designed for people who support their loved ones and friends as they grow.

When you register for Hold The Door Day, we encourage you to bring someone who may benefit from either of our programs, the Helper Program or the original Growth Program.
*Please note: Neither program is professionals, such as social workerw or psychologists.*

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For more information on Hold The Door Day Please email: Info@holdthedoor.com

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*Please note: Neither program is professionals, such as social workerw or psychologists.*