Our Seventh Annual Hold The Door Day

will be held on October 17, 2009 at the
Credit Suisse Building, 11 Madison Ave., NYC

Hold the Door Day is a free event that will empower attendees to grow through loss and adversity (e.g., loss of a loved-one, cancer, divorce, job-loss, affected by a natural disaster) by providing workshops and hands-on activities.

In addition to our traditional Growth Program, Hold The Door For Others is proud to announce a new Helper Program that has been added to our Hold The Door Day.

Helper Program: Our Helper Program is for people who want to learn supporting skills to help their loved ones or friends grow through loss and adversity.

Growth Program: Our traditional program is for people who have personally experienced loss, adversity, or crisis.

When you register for Hold The Door Day, we encourage you to bring someone who may benefit from either of our programs, the Helper Program or the original Growth Program. In order to provide the best possible learning experience, the two programs will run at the same time and location, but be facilitated separately.

Please note the Helper Program is not for professionals, such as social workers or psychologists.

The days activities will include:

• Developing the necessary life-skills to live with loss and adversity and thrive
• Learning strategies to increase your ability to bounce-back from hardships
• Connecting with others who have experienced various kinds of loss
• Boosting your Emotional Intelligence (self-awareness, emotional management, etc.)
• Receiving resources that will prepare you for future loss and help you grow from existing loss
• Learning relaxation techniques, and other ways to take care of yourself during tough times

Hold the Door Day programs/activities are facilitated by experienced Growth Consultants, including Ph.D.’s and Keynote Speakers.

Activities and programming are tailored for both adults and school-aged children.

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For more information on Hold The Door Day Please email: Info@holdthedoor.com

*Please note, this is not a training for psychology professionals.*





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